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About ATN

Established in 1999, The Australian Technology Network of Universities is a peak body and trusted leader in the higher-education sector.

We’re the representative voice for Australia’s leading technology universities focused on enterprise, impact and finding solutions to issues facing our economy and society.

ATN actively works to shape positive policy outcomes and foster impactful research, while being dedicated to advancing equity, inclusion and social justice.

What We Do

In addition to being a sectoral leader in policy influence, ATN champions the contributions of our universities to industry, the wider higher-education sector and public affairs.

We invest $1.7 billion in research annually and forge strategic research partnerships and industry alliances. In turn, creating new opportunities for jobs in the Australian and global economy, and helping solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Our contributions to the policy debate at all levels of government, across the political spectrum, are highly trusted and valued, reflecting expertise accumulated over our 25 years in operation.

ATN is also proud to deliver innovative education programs with distinctive outcomes, giving graduates skills and capabilities to envision and shape the future. Our deep commitment to equity, inclusion and social justice continues to drive our mission to effect positive change.

We believe our universities are the engine room of new ideas that will shape Australia’s future and, therefore, we exist to advocate for their growth, impact and success.

Interlectual Property Principles

Six technology-focused universities – one approach to IP

In an Australian first, we’ve made it easier for industry to work with our researchers and staff by reducing barriers and complexities to commercialising research.

Promoting greater commercialisation

of university research by reducing barriers and complexities.

More responsive to industry needs

by ensuring we act in a pragmatic, flexible and agile manner.

Respectful of tight timeframes

and unique requirements of individual businesses.

Assuring consistency

based on agreed principles with a network of technology-focussed universities across Australia.

Increasing collaboration

between industry partners and researchers from our member universities.