About us

The Australian Technology Network (ATN) is made up of four of the country’s most innovative and enterprising universities: the University of Technology Sydney, RMIT University, the University of South Australia and Curtin University.

ATN universities typically have deep expertise in the application and interpretation of the latest technologies and big data. They couple these strengths with a commitment to social justice, meaning they excel at projects that seek to improve social and economic outcomes through harnessing the transformative power of technological disruption.

The ATN are ‘research intensive’ universities, and feature teams that lead the world in their respective fields of discovery. Importantly, they are dedicated to making a real-world, practical impact through their research, often in partnership with industry.

This industry focus permeates their cutting-edge approach to teaching, ensuring students are connected with the workforce during their time at university and ‘work-ready’ upon graduation for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Professor Attila BrungsProfessor Attila Brungs

ATN Chair & UTS Vice Chancellor & President