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Learn how to build your HDR skills and research into a compelling asset for your future. Working with industry and academic practitioners, you’ll calibrate the skills you already possess, packaging them into a marketable asset for lifelong employability.

Crossing the Bridge: Industry, Academia and You


for eligible students from ATN member universities.


for those in the second half of their PhD studies.


All levels of knowledge and experience in this area

Industries are undergoing significant changes due to advancements in technology. As a result, HDR students must navigate an ever-changing professional landscape across their careers.

This module plants seeds of understanding in the role you can play in managing such change: The mindset required to be a disruptor, or to harness disruption; the courage to embrace change; the resilience to counter any adverse impacts; and the confidence to know how to explain it and bring others through that change.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing this module you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of industry sectors, and the innovations and disruptions which have changed and will change organisations and society
  • Produce a 3–5 year career management plan
  • Identify three organisations to target for future work/research collaborations, with accompanying rationale
  • Identify three target journalists for cultivating a professional media network

2024 Delivery Dates

2024 delivery dates coming soon