Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) needs to ensure it will deliver best outcome for community

The Australian Technology Network (ATN) welcomes this support for the medical and health research community and recognises the potential the Fund presents.

However, the legislation still needs some fine tuning. The ATN proposes “the success of the MRFF relies on its ability to provide an effective delivery structure and a rigorous and independent review process if it is to have a lasting impact on the community,” says Renee Hindmarsh, ATN Executive Director.

“The legislation needs to include a broad and inclusive definition of medical research and ensure the fund supports medical, health and supporting technologies. The design should also encourage research that would not otherwise have taken place.”

Whilst the ATN supports the establishment of an independent Advisory Board which provides greater clarity and accountability around decision making, there needs to be more university representation and collaboration.

“Over 70% of all Australian health and medical research output is produced by the higher education sector and approximately 34% of all research expenditure by the higher education sector is spent on health and medical research,” Ms Hindmarsh says.

 “Collaboration with research and industry is important and should be part of the process when setting strategies and priorities to ensure the Fund delivers the best outcomes for the community,” Ms Hindmarsh says.

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