Investment in our universities is an investment in our future

7 October 2015

Maths studentsThe Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) strongly supports today’s call by Universities Australia for a national research and innovation plan.

ATN Executive Director Renee Hindmarsh said that the focus on innovation and entrepreneurialism is vital for Australia’s future prosperity.

“The ATN is committed to delivering a world class education system that is accessible and affordable to all who are eligible.

“We support Universities Australia’s call for the Government to invest in a major technology and innovation program.

“We also support the establishment of an Innovation Board to bring senior Government, industry, university and the research community together to provide strategic leadership, as well as the creation of a ‘Student Innovation Fund’ to encourage undergraduate entrepreneurship.

“The ATN encourages the Government to increase research mobility between universities and industry, and supports the call for increased funds to strengthen international research collaboration.

“We also back the introduction of a premium tax concession rate to incentivise collaboration, something that was flagged in the ATN / Ai Group report, Innovate and Prosper, earlier this year,” Ms Hindmarsh says.

The ATN is committed to working collaboratively with industry to deliver real world research with real world impact, and to ensure our students have an exceptional university experience, and graduate with the necessary skills to thrive in the modern workforce.

 “An investment in our universities, our students and our research, is an investment in our future. We educate some of the brightest young minds and it is the knowledge, skills and services that they contribute to this country that makes them our greatest asset,” Ms Hindmarsh says.

Australian universities make a significant contribution to our economy, and society at large. We need certainty in the sector to ensure we continue to provide a world-class education system and remain globally competitive.

Media contact: Renee Hindmarsh Mobile: 0416 265 038