Internships to boost industry collaboration

Universities from the Australian Technology Network (ATN) will connect PhD students with industry through a new partnership with the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI).

RMIT and UTS are both participating in a new partnership arrangement with AMSI Intern, a leading PhD internship program in Australia. 

The program links postgraduate students and their university supervisors with industry partners through a 4-5 month research-focused internship.

ATN Executive Director Renee Hindmarsh says the program will have great benefits for students and industry.

“The Australian university sector produces a great number of talented researchers, but we need to provide more opportunities for our students to better connect with industry organisations during their studies, to ensure they have the right skills and experience to thrive in the workforce, and to better integrate into industry the exciting new knowledge coming out of the research sector,” Ms Hindmarsh says.

“ATN universities are committed to increasing industry-university collaboration to grow our economy and ensure we remain competitive on the global stage. Students at our universities greatly benefit from the AMSI program, as do their industry hosts.

“With the nation-wide coverage of our members across Australia, the ATN welcomes AMSI’s plans for expansion into states and territories beyond Victoria and NSW. We also applaud the targets that AMSI is setting to boost the number of PhD students placed with employers 10-fold in the next five years,” says Ms Hindmarsh.