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  • Pyne sees room for optimism for manufacturing

    Christopher Pyne gave his first speech as Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science on 30 September, saying “There’s room for optimism for manufacturing.” Read more
  • Pyne sees CRCs as research hubs for industry growth centres

    Source: The Australian | New Industry and Science Minister Christopher Pyne expects the co-operative research centre program to do much of the research associated with the government’s new industry growth centres. Read more
  • Money must help growth sectors

    Source: | Minister for industry and innovation, Christopher Pyne, believes the nation must push resources from sectors in decline to growth industries. In one of his first speeches in his new job as Industry, Innovation and Science Minister, Mr Pyne highlights the challenges and... Read more
  • Plastic bottles could be the future of agriculture

    Source: The Queensland Times | An attempt to use sugarcane for more than just sugar could be the future of agriculture. Researcher Ian O'Hara spoke at an Australian Technology Network of Universities forum in Brisbane yesterday and said nearly 60% of sugarcane was wasted if it was used only to... Read more
  • High tech computer modelling boosts value of cattle

    Source: The Queensland Times | COMPUTERISED models of cattle could allow graziers to change their feeding programs and produce more valuable stock. Research presented to an industry forum at the Queensland University of Technology on Monday showed how a camera series placed in a crush could create... Read more
  • Linking innovation to research

    Opinion Editorial, Source: The Australian | Innovation has become a commonplace term, but to achieve real change across the entire economy will be no small task. It will require industry, government and universities working together and challenging the status quo. Read more
  • Train PhD students to work with industry

    Opinion Editorial, Source: AFR | There are 1.4 million Australians in higher education. 55,000 are studying for higher degrees by research. The majority of PhD students will have to find work in industry, not in academia. We know this. Yet just last week some in our sector were calling for research... Read more
  • Australia’s future titans of the tech industry

    Source: | Like many of us, when he was in year nine, Melburnian Andrew Lau found school a little uninspiring. While some of us reacted to our boredom by ducking out of class and down to the local shopping centre, Mr Lau started his own web business. He started with $10 he made from... Read more
  • Graduates of sandstone unis earn less