The Future Professional: Crossing the Bridge - Industry, Academia and You 

Calibrate your disciplinary skills and construct this into a marketable asset for future and lifelong employability. HDR students face an ever-changing professional future. Where change is a constant and is all around, this module reinforces the recognition that ultimately, change begins with from within. The content included in this module is suitable for students at all levels of knowledge and experience in these areas.

Online learning opens 13 September | Four weeks | Live online work-shop 6 October (12pm-2.30pm AEST)

The Future of Data: Data Analytics in Research - Concepts, Principles and Practices

Increase your confidence and ability to handle better data as you navigate and prepare for the demands of roles in a data-driven world. Over the past decade, the digitalization has vastly increased the availability, use, and value of data, and thereby transformed nearly every industry. Data and the need for data analytics has been rapidly growing, with companies looking to generate insights and innovations as well as drive their business with the help of data.

Online learning opens 4 October | Four weeks | Live online workshop #1 21 October (12pm-1.00pm AEST) | Workshop #2 4 November (12pm-1.30pm AEST)



The Future of Work and Innovation: Thinking, Testing, Solving like an Entrepreneur

Strengthen your ability to shape the future of academic and industry work through entrepreneurial methodologies. Whether students stay in academia or pursue careers in industry, they’ll face professional landscapes that are being rapidly reshaped by disruption. But no matter their disciplinary background, they can adapt their research skills to make real-world impact through entrepreneurial problem-solving.

Online learning opens 25 October | Four weeks | Live workshop TBC