FAPESP SPRINT Frequently Asked Questions

Who are FAPESP?

FAPESP are the publicly funded research foundation in the State of São Paulo, Brazil. They are responsible for supporting research projects in higher education and research institutions in all fields of knowledge. FAPESP support foreign scientists willing to work in research institutions in the state of São Paulo, Brazil via a number of programs including SPRINT.

What is the purpose of the SPRINT program?

The purpose of the SPRINT program is to encourage and promote the advancement of scientific research through collaboration between researchers affiliated with research institutions in the State of São Paulo and researcher partners internationally.

It aims to provide funding for the initial phase of international research collaborations with clear expectations that the next phase will be a presentation, by the researchers from the State of São Paulo, of research proposals in the regular funding lines of FAPESP aiming to continue the research started under SPRINT and the consequently consolidation of the partnership.  

From the initial funding ("seed funding"), the sustainability of new collaborations is expected.

What does the scheme fund?

The grant can only be used for the exchange of researchers, including visits for research planning, international workshops, and initial activities of data collection. The intent of the exchange activities should be focussed on continuing research collaboration and consolidation.

FAPESP will fund the costs for the Brazilian applicant from the State of São Paulo visit to carry out scientific missions during visits to partner institutions in Australia.

What is excluded from project funding?

Basic research costs (staff and equipment) on both sides of the research project will not be funded from this scheme, but must be secured from other sources. Participant salary and associated costs will not be covered. Proposals based purely on study and training will not be funded.

What are the expected results of the SPRINT program?

It is expected that as a result of each project supported under the Program SPRINT, fruitful partnerships are developed and it is hoped that such partnerships are consolidated achieving significant results as:

Can PhD students submit their own applications?

No. PhD students cannot submit their own applications, however, they may be involved in exchange activities if they are listed in the project team with an academic staff member as the lead applicant or Principal Investigator (PI).

Do I need to have an existing relationship with a Brazilian research in order to apply?

Not necessarily, however, applications must be developed jointly by the Australian and Brazilian partners, so cooperation during the application process is essential.

On the FAPESP side, the Brazilian research partner must be in receipt of a FAPESP grant listed on item 3.1. on the FAPESP website. The ongoing project at FAPESP must to have at least 6 months to be implemented at the same time as the mobility proposal. Both projects needs to be thematically correlated.  

Do I need to submit a copy of the application to FAPESP?

No. The Australian partner needs to submit the application to the contact listed at their university’s Research Office. The Brazilian collaborator must submit an identical copy of the proposal to FAPESP.

The research proposal component of the application, as detailed in item 6.3, must be identical in content in both the Australian and Brazilian submissions; one being a copy of another.

How will the ATN and FAPESP assess applications?

ATN Universities will assess their applications based on:

FAPESP will assess applications based on:

Only applications approved by both FAPESP and the ATN university will be funded.

What if I miss the deadline for submission?

FAPESP operate a number of calls for SPRINT proposals during the year. Should you miss the submission deadline, please observe the 2017 schedule for future opportunities to submit your proposal.

SPRINT EditionCall for submissionsDeadline for submissionsResults announced
Sprint 01/2017 31/01/2017 24/04/2017 28/07/2017
Sprint 02/2017 25/04/2017 31/07/2017 27/10/2017
Sprint 03/2017 01/08/2017 30/10/2017 26/01/2018
Sprint 04/2017  31/10/2017 29/01/2018 27/04/2018

Can I apply for an extension on my grant?

No. The maximum duration of each project is 24 months, non-extendable. Any other variations to funded projects such as a change in the term of the project or the eligibility of researchers must be approved by the ATN institution that submitted the application for the project, by the ATN Directorate and by FAPESP.