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  • World Solar Car

    A group of technology universities have banded together to build a car to take on next year’s World Solar Challenge race. Read more
  • Like giving recipes to Nigella

    Op Ed, The Australian | Being invited to travel from Canberra to California to speak about fostering an entrepreneurial culture is akin to visiting London to give recipe advice to Nigella Lawson, but this week I find myself doing just that. Read more
  • Australian Technology Network $500,000 fund aims to fill OLT gap

    Source: The Australian | The Australian Technology Network has established a $500,000 annual fund to replicate the ­activities of the ill-fated Office of Learning and Teaching. ATN executive director Renee Hindmarsh said the fund sought to ensure innovations in teaching and learning continued... Read more
  • No place for elitism in unis

    Australia has been built on the notion of a fair go, and fair reward for hard work; regardless of postcode, schooling, economic background or ethnicity. Yet, the Group of Eight universities have turned their back on the principles that have made Australia great and are using budget repair as a fig... Read more
  • Turnbull's plans for university reform in trouble

    The Turnbull government faces blanket opposition among vice-chancellors to its proposal to create a new tier of courses with deregulated fees, with even the nation's most prestigious universities rejecting the idea. Read more
  • Planting Seeds for the Future

    The Australian arm of an international ICT provider is working with universities to give students industry experience, writes Ellie Cooper in this month’s Executive Insight. Read more
  • Next 18 months crucial to reform

    We have just endured the longest election campaign in Australian history, but strangely, higher education, despite its sheer size and importance to the economy, has been largely invisible. Read more
  • Huawei Plants Seeds for the Future

    Huawei Technologies Australia, in partnership with the Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN), has today announced it will host 12 undergraduate students in China as part of its annual Seeds for the Future initiative. Read more
  • Innovation: There’s no action without industry at the table

    Source: The Australian | There weren’t too many surprises in last week’s Australian Council of Learned Academies report. Given the number of inquiries into research training, the research labour force and related issues in recent years, the surprise would be if this latest review uncovered any... Read more
  • Aussie universities launch seven IP principles for tech transfer

    Source: AFR | Australia's five technology universities have standardised their approach to intellectual property in an effort to make it easier for industry to access their research. Read more